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Welcome to
Girl & Pepper

Girl & Pepper isn’t any ol’ lifestyle blog. It’s a lifestyle blog that’s got some attitude. Here we focus on how to learn rather than creating an illusion of effortlessness. Here we find the joy in making dinner on a Tuesday or knitting a scarf for a friend’s birthday - because we love to create, not because we’re told we should. Here we acknowledge that it’s OK to fuck up: fucking up is a really important part of life. Here we wear our walking boots, hop on busses and trains, and get where we want to go. We yearn for adventure and seize it when the opportunity arises. 

Girl & Pepper isn’t about creating the perfect life; it’s about creating the life that’s perfect for you.

Trust me, I don’t take this notion lightly. I spent way too long waiting to start any creative endeavor because I was so fixated on doing it perfectly. Which, let me tell you, is damn near impossible when you’re learning how to do something. My obsession with not beginning a project until I could do it 100% uniquely and with absolute perfection kept me from starting anything at all.

That had to end. I thought about the kind of space I wanted to create. A space

  • where you can find the confidence to explore your creativity and grow with it;
  • where you can see what happens when a project or a recipe goes awry (like, did you know you can’t put a lot of hot soup in a blender and not have a disaster?);
  • and a space where we actually talk about how often things don’t go our way as creatives, something that is definitely not talked about enough.

That’s what Girl & Pepper is here for.