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Helping creative people ditch their fears and find their focus

Girl & Pepper isn’t any ol’ lifestyle blog. It’s a lifestyle blog that’s got some attitude. Here we focus on how to learn rather than creating an illusion of effortlessness.

Coming Soon:

Interviews with real world creatives about how their failures helped them thrive!

A lifestyle blog that isn’t about creating the perfect life, but about creating the life that’s perfect for you.

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DIY: Creativity & Productivity

Being a creative is hard work! Don't let fear or envy hold you back from following your creative dreams. Learn tips and trips for beating impostor syndrome and feeling confident about your work.

Coming Soon: Interviews with real world creatives about how their failures helped them thrive! 

Food & Drink

Eating well and planning how your meals will fit into your day can help ease a lot of background stress and free up your creative energy. I tend to be busy with a lot of knitting and writing projects these days, so I don't have a ton of time for cooking. I do my best to create recipes with lots of vegetables and fruits that will leave plenty of leftovers for lunches and that can be transformed into weeknight meals for variety. 

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Travel & Walking

Traveling, experiencing new things, and appreciating the creative work made by the people around you is so important! I always feel more inspired after a trip, a walk along a remote path, or a day spent checking out what’s new in local galleries. Exploring your local community is just as essential as hopping a plane bound for the other side of the world. Get out there and (respectfully) roam to expand your experiences and understanding of the world around you.